What We Do
Econochill manufactures indoor and outdoor
air-cooled scroll compressor-based water
chillers utilizing major-brand components for
a broad array of clients and industries.
Our water chillers utilize a closed-circuit mechanical
refrigeration system to cool a fluid, such as plain water or
a glycol solution, which can then be used to cool
equipment, a product, or for comfort cooling.
"We installed the system
ourselves and Econochill was
very helpful in answering all
our questions."
Larry Rohde
Clancy, Montana
To cool fermenters in beer or wine production.
To cool molds and equipment in plastic part forming.
To chill raw milk to a safe temperature at the farm.
To cool mechanical equipment, such as machine tools.
To chill fan coil units for comfort or spot cooling.
To chill the rolls in industrial printing and lamination.
Examples include:
water chiller glycol chillerwater chillers glycol chillers heat exchangers water-cooled chillers process temperature control glycol antifreeze